Slick: Welcome and onboarding email templates

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Build on the momentum from signups and easily convert trials into paying customers.

  • Behavioral-based segmentation emails start with Welcome emails then Onboarding and Upselling.
  • Very concise and precise copywriting. Each email is action-oriented with one CTA.
  • Excellent clean and minimal email design. An elaborated design system
  • Customizable Sketch design system
  • Fully responsive email templates. Built with Tailwind CSS in Maizzle (source code included)

Welcome emails

  • Sign-ups 
  • Confirmation Email
  • Welcome Email
  • User inactive after sign up
  • Check up email
  • Check up email with personalised content

Onboarding user email

The objective is to onboard the user and get him/her familiar with the product features and get engaged with the product.

User completed first task

  • Popular feature email

User familiar with the basics

  • Expert feature email

User adoption

  • Download mobile app email 
  • Integration email
  • Join webinar email

Business activity

  • New features email
  • Product update email

User engagement 

  • Reward email
  • Gamification email
  • Invite friends email

Notification/activity update

  • Notification email

User survey

  • Product roadmap email
  • Join community email
  • User feedback email 

Upselling emails

After onboarding completed

  • Start premium trial email
  • Upgrade after trial email
  • Upgrade email
  • Upgrade discount email
  • Upgrade discount last call email
  • Trial ending reminder

Reactivate emails

After trial ends

  • Trial ended email 
  • Second trial ended email 

Features update combined with an offer

  • Trial ended reactivate 
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Slick: Welcome and onboarding email templates

0 ratings
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